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Browse through a selection of written work, featuring poems, short stories and articles. 

Reflecting on the Natural World

Multiple Authors

A collection of poems and essays reflecting on our relationship with nature


Time Together

Matthew Ryan

Matthew Ryan on being and time in the novels of Sara Baume



Courtney Burke

A poem

Horror in the Mundane

Louise Seager

Louise Seager discusses Julia Armfield’s debut novel Our Wives Under the Sea


Katarina Sadek

A story of a new life mission


The Byronic Hero vs
Mother Nature

Eva Katinic

Eva Katinic explores the gender archetypes of Romantic literature. 


The Skills We Need are the Skills We Already Have 

Haydn Aarons on the problems of high-skill humanitarian entrants to Australia 

Haydn Aarons

Life's Little Lessons

Jennifer Lowe

A poem

Ode to Spring

Courtney Burke

A poem

Welcome to the Future

Sandra Thom-Jones

A story looking forward to a new beginning


Fortnite: Five Years on the Island 

Simon Ryan

Simon Ryan shares his adventures in Fortnite. 


Timothy Chan

A poem

Lorinda Cramer Foy & Gibson image 3 (1).jpg

Swimming In The Past

Lorinda Cramer

Lorinda Cramer explores the history of Foy & Gibson’s woollen bathing suits.  


Turning Towards Suffering

Maggie Nolan

Maggie Nolan considers the  common concerns of Tara June Winch’s The Yield and Melissa Lucashenko’s Too Much Lip 

Post-Covid Hope

Ella Mackenzie

Comparing pre- and post-covid life

Digital Sunrise

Sebastian Trew

A poem in words and images

Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 8.58.09 pm.png


Stephanie Lyons

A story on the future of a royal family

Man vs Mountain

Jason Parmaxidis

A story recalling the past


Image by L.W.

Religion and Climate Change

Pedram Rashidi on politics, religion and climate change

Rainbow Light Art

ACU ALLY Network

Noah Riseman on the formation of the ALLY Network at ACU


Pandemic Participation

Jen Couch on young people's response to the Melbourne tower lockdown

Image by Shinnosuke Ando

2020 Olympics

Haydn Aarons reflects on the 2020 Olympics 


The Rooney Effect

Matthew Ryan on the novels of Sally Rooney


The Crooked Scene

Gus Mather explores the gender politics of the Australian Metalcore community

Green Rising by Lauren James.jpeg

YA Fiction

Polly McCauley reviews newly released Young Adult fiction

Computer Programming

AI and the Humanities

Georgia Wheaton interviews Baylee Brits


Interview with Nick Tsekouras

Caitlin Riddell interviews one of Melbourne's up-and-coming artists

Stelarc Interview by Jet Krusec4.jpg

Interview with Stelarc

Stelarc sits down to discuss his artistic practice and the future of technology

Open Books

Shadow Libraries

Caitlin Riddell on Open Access 

Snow Covered Field

The Lunatic

A short story by Francis Gibbs



Thomas Maruskanic on apathy, politics, and society

Donation Boxes

Something Bigger

Ashlee Merucci reflects on volunteering


Sylvia Plath: Living in her Poetry

Eva Katinic considers the poet and the woman



A short story by Blake Guttridge

Football Match

The Finals

Meg Mikelson watches her family watch the footy 

Abstract Lights


A short story by Edward Mason


Some feelings on paper 

A poem by Georgia Wheaton


Beneath Freedom's Skin

Anti-lockdown protest and old hatreds

Screen Shot 2021-11-05 at 11.34.18 am.png

Euca Magazine

Euca is a forward thinking magazine, designed by designers for designers.

Stage Mist


A poem by Sarah Giddy

Pride Parade

LGBTI History

Noah Riseman on the LGBTI history of the Australian Defence Force

Image by Krisztina Papp

There's always room for dessert

A short story by Zac McLaughlin

Rainbow Sprinkles

Fairy Bread

Exhibition review by Anna Woods 

Green Water Hose


Review by Renae Burton

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