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Did you get my letter?

I sent it with the smoke

Of every letter burned before

My patience finally broke


I thought I didn’t miss you

The pain had slowly gone

But every time I stop to hear, 

I hear your voice in song


Can you hear my heartbeat?

It still repeats a chant

It longs for one to fill the space

That your love now won’t grant


I tried to fill the paper

with something you would say

But every time I find the words

They must have burned again.



Does my laughter hit like hailstones?

And cloud the springtime sun.

Is the silence you like fragile?

And with me, is it gone?


The string you clipped, unifies us —

A pain requiring two.

Separated, we share this grief.

I wish you thought so too.


The sun will rise for you and I


Your laughter storms — reckless downpour

It grates upon my ears.




The girl that I no longer know

Encroach upon my dreams

And I will hold on tight to you

In Thought — not Ground, it seems 


Contract of love I signed to you

Has now come to its end

But that won't stop the dreams I have

To feel you in my head


As we traverse the cavity

That once cut off our hands

We heal a heart that lives inside

But only in Dream Land


What happens when I have a dream

And it's no longer you

That creates mess to take away

And wake me with my gloom


So fade not you, dear Knife o’ mine

Please never lift your blade

When bleeding out and letting go

Are so much worse than pain

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