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Poetry by Gemma Falk 

She could see the end as it began and maybe that’s what drew her to him.   

For within the rich amber of his eyes, time shifted, 

Causing life to fleet and death to be born anew. 

It was everything her mother was afraid of  

For the rotting meadows of the underworld ghosted Persephone’s fingertips, 

As the sickly waters of Styx stained her lips. 

But unlike those nightmares her mother feared, 

He came to her, drunk on love, with an outstretched hand 

And wilted flowers to match.  

He sang her praises, kissed her sweetly, before he fell to his knees and wept.  

He wept hymns dedicated not only to her beauty,  

But to the powerful Queen buried beneath. 

So, she took his hands in hers, and breathed him in,  

Lusting after the stench of blood, worn like a perfume.  

For he recognised her melody, saw the minor key,  

But rather than ending the song, he chose to become her harmony.  


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