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Laura, Aisling, Nicollete & Evangelia

Our group, The Cosmic Frontier Oddities, started with a collaboration between the shared interests of digital art and applications, as well as a shared interest in video games/MMOs (otherwise known as Massively Multiplayer Online games). We collaborated to create a meeting space, similar to the virtual meeting spaces online, to reconnect with friends and family, for example, going online during the COVID lockdown when the connection was lost. Make characters with your own special touch like character creations in games. Bringing together our individual interests, curating a specialised character based on a subgenre of popular fiction. 

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Kavini, Niamh & Ivanka

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As individuals, we are often so focused on finding our own identities that we can lose sight of our connections with each other. Society tends to fixate on singular parts of a person’s identity, when in fact none of us are made up of just one thing. There are many different aspects and intricacies that makeup who we are. When we broaden our own immediate circles we can find bonds with other people that we never knew we had. Interwoven is a collective that explores these themes of connection and diversity through culture and geography. The main ideas behind interwoven hinge on the journeys our families have taken and how it has impacted us now. Through our conversations we found that all of our families had migrated and moved away from our home countries, creating the main ideas of familial relationships and immigration. 


Beth, Kiri & Miah

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Nostalgia is a buzzword in today's society. We see constant reboots, remakes, and re-releases that invade the consumerist market. However, there is an aspect of Nostalgia that is closer to the heart, and more wholesome. When we allow ourselves to revisit some of the best times in our lives, when the pressures of a dying world, a buckling economy, and overtaking technology don’t weigh on our minds. There is beauty in finding comfort and escapism in the childish world of our past. For this project, we’ve taken inspiration from the concept of postage stamps. These universal items are a representation of history, biography, geography, culture and art. They are used to show proof of purchase for postage, however, for this project, they represent recognition and reflection on our memories.As we all age, memories can fade in our heads. They may only show as blurs, or only appear as blocks of colour. They may show up as shapes without any definition. They may show up in a singular dimension, without any animation, like a snapshot preserved for eternity. The images may not be as vivid as they once were. We even change the memories over time, plucking and choosing the parts that matter most, whether those be moments of brilliant joy, or even bittersweet moments that have us in lament.

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