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Melbourne based photographer, Jonathan Di Maggio specialises in sport, event, street, and editorial photography. He is know for his dynamic work with the Carlton Football Club and Getty Sports. Ivanka had the privilege of asking Jonathan Di Maggio about his career journey and his favourite moments as a photographer. 

Keep reading to view Di Maggio's responses.

What has been your journey to get where you are in your career today?

Throughout my career, I've had a deep passion for photography, especially in the realm of sports. I dedicated my weekends to honing my craft by capturing moments for AFL and VFL teams, gradually building my portfolio. Today, I take immense pride in serving as the club photographer for the Carlton Football Club and collaborating with Getty Images/AFL photos.

Out all of your projects and involvements which one would you say is your favourite experience and why?

As a sports photographer, I've had the privilege of having a front row seat at some of the world's most significant sporting events. The F1 Australian Grand Prix has consistently been a highlight on my calendar, entrusted by Getty Images to capture pivotal moments during the race weekend.

F1 Australian Grand Prix 

Photo by Jonathan Di Maggio 

What is a photograph or moment you have captured that you are most proud of?

I was fortunate enough to be selected as the photographer for the inaugural AFLW games between Carlton and Collingwood at Ikon Park in 2017. My images from that historic match are proudly displayed in the National Museum of Sports in Canberra. Being part of such a monumental moment in women's sports and the AFL was truly special.

Who are your main artist influences?

Michael Klein, the Sports Photographer for the Herald Sun, has been a significant inspiration to me. Over the years, I've had the privilege of getting to know Michael as a friend and mentor and learning from him when sitting alongside him at numerous AFL matches. 

AFLW Round 1 - Carlton v Collingwood, 2017

Photo by Jonathan Di Maggio 

Working in sports photography, it seems you only have one opportunity to capture a moment. How do you overcome that pressure and choose which moments to capture?

Sports photography hinges on being prepared to capture that extraordinary shot at any given moment. Ensuring the right camera setting, focus, and precision have been essential, allowing me to capture sharp and crisp images. While nerves were present in the early days, it has evolved into an adrenaline rush, knowing I might capture an iconic moment at any time.

Finally, what would be your advice to someone who is trying to establish themselves as a photographer?

To gain experience, it's crucial to put yourself out there. Seek a mentor in photography to shadow and learn from, asking questions along the way. Discover what truly ignites your passion in photography, as that enthusiasm translates into breathtaking photography.

AFL Round 24 - Carlton v GWS

Photo by Jonathan Di Maggio 

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