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Falling; peace tranquility

Naomi Thorpe 

Plunged and ‘falling’ through the chaotic and disorderly city, your thoughts deteriorate, burdened and overwhelmed by its intensity. Loosing focus on reality, you stumble upon a quiet nature oasis. 


Through this video and sound artwork, I aim to take the audience into the mind of someone on a journey, connecting with their surroundings. As they travel, the atmosphere quickly builds and amalgamates into a tumultuous beast, charging as they are forced to succumb to its disorderly act before being led to the tranquil silence of the sounds and song of nature.  


I encourage others to stop, listen and evaluate how the environment around them makes them feel, and experience both the positive and negative energies of the world outside. Between the busy pull of everyday life, increasing technology use and media consumption, we often forget to rest our minds with the tools nature provides us. I want to convey the importance of nature, silence in our busy world and remind others how the beautiful things in life shine the brightest after a rainy day.  


This work is inspired by the song Mind Flowers by Ultimate Spinach.  

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