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CAKEFACE in Colour

Art Series by Jet Krusec

Jet Krusec uses CAKEFACE to delve into traumatic experiences and express herself physically and emotionally. Her latest project CAKEFACE IN COLOUR blurs the lines of reality and over saturation, forcing the audience to reach into their bodies to find where the pain sits and lingers. Through collaborating with musicians, a noise soundtrack was produced; this was through setting time limits and giving the musicians prompts that included feelings, physical and unreal. Becoming CAKEFACE started with a haircut and a long hot shower. During the noise-making day, in the 10 minutes allotted, images were created using charcoal, textas and paint. They were based on the sounds rather than the emotions the musicians were portraying. These marks were incorporated into the performances and the makeup for CAKEFACE… The makeup allowed Jet to evolve into a new character.


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