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Mixed media - thin paper, permanent marker & face paint.

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An exploration of the optical illusion, the work seeks to blend the identity of the person with the background, as one subject. Heavily inspired by Alexa Meade’s work, the piece critiques the suppression of one’s innate identity to become mindless recreations of the world around it.


Beginning as an observation of the intrinsically detailed lines of the iris, rhythmic patterns captivate the viewers releasing an expression of being overwhelmed. 


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Mixed media - wooden mannequin & stand, wire, plaster, wool, yarn & PVA glue

"Beginning as an exploration of nature and the environment, I began to consider the natural forms of connection that humanity holds. Thus, propelling me to ask what about connection makes us inherently human.


In the process of forming the vibrant and abstracted artworks by imploring organic line work, I made most movement in the work calculated and smooth contrasted to the wild drooping threads of wool that evoked chaos.


In this way, seeking to display how individual experiences with connection aren't always clean or perfect. It is a testament to the intertwining of the individual lives of my collective community and the way in which they interact with each other in order to care or support those in need.”



Mixed media - wool & yarn, plastic canvas

& velcro

“A commentary on the ways in which women have historically adorned and contorted their bodies, suppressing comfort for aesthetic gain. The restriction of the neck piece appropriates the historic Elizabethan collar to reflect it as a newly formed extension of the body. Using organic colours and materials (wool/yarn), it positions the piece as an intrusive mold or organism growing out of the body, restructuring its design.”

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