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Perspective. Optics. Vision. 

By Alicia Loe, Kate Ren & Carla Sol. 

Inspired by the Exquisite Corpse method, our process is derivative of each other's experience and landscape – which holds special significance to each person. The method entails an image and a word given to a collaborator who then interprets the information and creates a new composition based on the stimuli.


In a similar manner, we gave each other a photographic image and prompt (insight into the image) and then worked independently of each other without consultation – withholding the result, until completion. Thus, the final product is not just a replica of the photograph, but a transformation – an interpretation of our own inner feelings about it, expressing the ‘soul’ of the landscape. 
In response to each other's photos and experiences, the result was a series of semi-abstracted, semi-representational paintings which transform the original meaning of the image. We are therefore deriving our own point of view / perspective of the vista…  


Kate’s photo is of a Moroccan landscape. After driving many hours through barren land, the sight of a sudden, flourishing Oasis appears amidst the harsh conditions of the desert. Bewildered by its survival, it gives a sense of hope that nature prevails. 


Alicia’s photo was of Radoszki, (Rah-dosh-ki) Poland – a place filled with blissful childhood memories. Although the Odra River has a turbulent history, claiming many lives with its forceful currents, the image captures a moment in time where the river is at its most peaceful – with the soft mid-winter sun casting a warm glow upon the icy waters, highlighting its sedative temperament. 
Carla’s photo was taken in Sorrento, Italy, on her first overseas trip with her family. The image holds importance to her as her heritage is Italian and she felt a great connection with the land. The framing of the image captures the three elements perfectly, the bright blue-sky, crystal-clear water and beach goers on the sand with their bright coloured umbrellas. These three key elements make up an image that Carla describes as her perfect landscape.  

Visually, each of us has our own ‘style’ and medium that we gravitate towards. Alicia utilised watercolour techniques with acrylic paint and palette knife to highlight elements like rock formations and tree lines.  

Carla’s medium of choice is acrylic paint. She utilised this to create a cohesive colour palette for both of her paintings. Kate applied oil paints and oil pastels to achieve a highly abstract and expressionistic style. She drew upon certain elements in the photograph (i.e., tree, waterline) and used this as the foundation for her paintings.  

The various styles and modes of painting made the prospect of collaborating on a larger canvas very intriguing. After studying each photograph and transforming them into painterly images, we began work on our major collaborative piece. Like Exquisite Corpse, we began in our own sections. Taking inspiration from our personal image helped to translate key elements onto a vast blank canvas and inform our mark making. Once we had a starting point, we began intertwining our forms to create a single “landscape”. We then migrated around the canvas and worked on another person's section, thus merging our styles into one. We hope our audience is encapsulated with the differing POVs, and that they find affinity with one – or many – of the interpretations contained therein. 

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