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Timothy Chan

Cultivate hope in all you do.  

See opportunities when bruised and blue.  

Put aside your fears and doubt.  

Invest in hope in every rout.  

Precaution in right doses.  

Smell each and all roses.  


Believe that hope will find its way,  

to stand your ground and have your say.   

Bring hope to every open door.     

Prepare to open many more.  

Small beginnings will become  

huge returns and then some.  


Hope appears in many forms,  

set ablaze through strife and storms. 

Hope is found in unlikely places,  

from people of all creed and races.  

Happy those who heed and hear 

the voice of hope, soft and sincere.  


Look with hope at the ordinary.  

Keep seeking for the extraordinary.  

None so blind who do not see 

life in all its mystery. 

Pin your hopes up high.  

Spread your wings and fly.

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