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Life’s Little Lessons 

Jennifer Lowe

My hope did float just like a boat  

over the waves it sailed,  

as I look back it veered off track  

I’m not sure how I failed. 


I did all things right my soul did fight  

the truth could not be seen, 

until one day and on my way 

the grass it did look green.  


On the other side I tried to stride 

My legs they did give out 

I give up I have no luck 

A voice inside did shout. 


Now listen here, you needn’t fear 

The future does burn bright 

But not right now you’ll cry and howl 

The darkness will give way to light. 


And then you’ll see hope never flees 

But rather like the sun 

Behind the clouds it still was found 

The light it never runs. 


It doesn’t run away, or flee or stray 

For truth it does stand strong 

And what you’ll see is another me 

One who now knows right from wrong.  


For good or bad, happy or sad,  

This life not black and white 

One may say many shades of grey 

The truth is worth the fight.  


And fight you shall don’t throw in the towel 

As others walk your path 

They lie and trick their soul is sick 

Their lives are but a farce.  


A farce, a mask, fake is their task 

For purpose they have not 

Deceive and lie again they’ll try 

Your brain twisted in knots.  


It ums and ahs and all the scars 

The eye they cannot see 

For what was done was half begun 

From the truth you would have fled. 


And they know this, it's why they trick 

For power all they have 

It is not real, not theirs to steal 

And for the truth be glad.  


Although your life it has seen strife 

The rainbow follows rain 

The earth once dry, and tears you cry 

Don’t give up, please refrain.  


Just hold on, the path is long 

The finish line you’ll reach 

Although one day seems far away 

The fruit is called a peach. 


It does feel fuzzy and inside gluggy 

The outside does deceive 

What is felt away it melts 

The stone you don’t believe.  


What was deep inside you would not find 

Had the truth not been revealed 

Although there’s pain still much to gain 

The lessons were concealed. 


For what you’ve learned, your soul has turned 

Like alchemy to gold 

Charcoal to diamond and you’ll find them 

The lies that have been told.  


The stories told they grew like mould 

And poison you they did 

I'm sorry I'll try, no that’s a lie 

Of this poison you are now rid.  


To take it back would veer off track 

For now, the ocean calm 

Your life now safe and their mistakes 

God holds you in his palm. 




Never alone a king on throne 

His subjects they do wait 

They wait in line and when its time 

They do learn of their fate.  


From fate departed, the waves had started 

And out to sea you were 

Not a drop to drink the boat did sink 

Those few years were a blur.  


But now look back and seek the facts 

Your hope it was not lost 

A penny a pound a dollar found 

Your soul learns at a cost. 


Not a cost to you and this is true 

As love it does not die 

But did it exist? A hand or fist? 

To distinguish you must try. 


Unconditional love it does not shove, 

demean, abuse, control 

for all you know the truth did show 

the hate did take its toll.  


You did nothing wrong but like a song 

To good the evil draws 

It does draw near and cause great fear 

It points out all your flaws.  


That’s ugly, you’re fat, you can’t wear that,  

The voice it does embed 

The sound rings deep the music sheet 

Becomes scripted in your head. 


The words not yours but now they’re chores 

You don’t realise you do 

Your light is lost and at a cost 

You must reveal what’s true. 


Your life of pain now not the same 

The years they did drag on 

Your intuition causing you friction 

“there must be something wrong” 




The truth you knew but lies they grew 

Confusion not your fault 

It was controlled, steel painted gold 

On your soul it was assault. 


From wounds we heal and start to feel 

a cocoon begins to form 

its dark inside but still we tried  

the path you walk not worn. 


Your footsteps fresh the ground you check 

The grass it has grown back 

The rain and sludge it did make mud 

The dry earth starts to crack.  


And up above, a bird or dove 

Does drop a seed below 

And just like that the earth and crack 

A seedling starts to show. 


Hello it says, its clear my head 

The world is not the same 

I know my worth a butterfly birth 

The cocoon was just a game. 


For life’s a game of chance and change 

We play the cards we’re delt  

With a poker face your bet you place 

Your hand it feels the felt 


The wheel does spin your eyes begin 

To follow where it lands 

You clutch and grasp the wait a task 

You look down at your hand 


The number chose does ease your woes 

The clock it does strike twelve 

And at midnight it ends the fight 

And Santa has his elves. 


They work all night so come the light 

The toys are spick and span 

To bring much joy to girls and boys 

Like Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. 




A bit of magic accompanies tragic 

At the time it is not clear 

The world does turn and though concerned 

The fear does disappear 


For time is made, a minute or day 

The metric does not matter 

The lesson gleaning and full of meaning 

The cold makes your teeth chatter 


In front of the fire, the ice transpires 

Back into water it does turn 

And on and on just like a song 

Life’s little lessons you have learned.  

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