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On the Ocean

Hayden Kubler

The ocean is full of life; each wave is a new breath given to the world- a seagull fed, a tide pool filled, mangrove seeds carried. Even the beach, the very end of the sea, where the land falters and essentially turns to dust.


We, too, revert to our simplest form at the beach. No longer do emails bark for responses. Instead, piles of paper disperse, and water cooler conversations turn into whispers on the wind.   

Tradesmen's coarse hands swap the hard stone of brick and mortar for soft grains of sand built into tower defenders. Cool flakes of salt abate the creases of lawyers’ faces formed in courtroom battles. The sun burns away our burdens and woes.   


The strength of this titan can often be mistaken for a calm beauty, endlessly will man takes her the mirages of shimmering jewels that dance when the sun meets its edge as an invitation to plunder her depths. It is a challenge to their very manhood to suggest that the impossible vastness of the ocean could swallow them on a whim.  


She’s our greatest confidant; we gossip with her, tell her our secrets and truths, our desires and despairs. She covets them with her across her journey through her endless cycle.   


As we pour our hearts out, she pours into us.  

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