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Sisters by Jade Moran 


Whence along to-morrow

may sisterly affairs be told?

Eagerly plotted fortunes, 

planned amongst the marigolds. 


Amidst their daily outing, 

underneath a chestnut tree, 

“Mei, we must be off now,” 

Said the eldest, Mari-lee.


They linked their arms with hast, 

and skip they surely did. 

Through the winding forest, 

they ducked and quickly dipped. 


Skipping came to an end, 

as they both breathed in. 

“Chicken stew!” Mei said. 

“Quick, we must go in.” 


Mother turned as she heard

two panting girls who’d just returned. 

“How near I was to beckon now. 

Supper’s done, I insist sit down!” 


Whence along to-morrow 

may bring upon its shores? 

Two lovers for two sisters, 

and marriage furthermore. 


A masquerade type love affair, 

conducted through mere letters. 

Two girls in love with strangers, 

two girls just young and fair. 


The girls they ran so far away

 to meet the men they’d penned.

Through the darkness of the night

asleep in bed they did pretend. 


They saw the silhouette of two 

who sat along the bay, 

the simple thought of romance 

whisked all their nerves away. 


Closer than they’d been before, 

the girls could barely see. 

Moonlight shone upon their face 

and stripped the girls of all such glee. 


The appearance of both men 

was not what had been said. 

Instead of handsome youthfulness, 

they all but seemed half-dead. 


Two decrepit figures stood

with ghastly drooping skin. 

Hollow eyed and grey in colour,

the men were old and grim. 


Whence along to-morrow 

may whispers start their sprawl? 

Two fair missing sisters, 

who were now in bitter thrall

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