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your coming- of-age IG photo dump

illuminated me to the fact

all your photos of her are gone.

just as you did to me

two years ago.


now a footnote of your bio.

a relationship you were so proud to put on show

posts archived, like it had never been.

me and your supervene


i wonder, about you

do you ever feel guilty for leaving me black and blue?

or were you in bliss with your new beau?

did you ever get déjà vu?

the dates, the tiktoks, the jewellery, did you do that with her too?

or were you ignorant to my bitterblue?

of course, i

could never ask you this.

our amicable divorce now dextrose

like your braids when we waltzed

the assaults of your faults

a trojan horse of our awkward encounters,

in the times i’ve seen you since.

you found someone new, you lost someone new.

we knew we were wrong for each other

that’s why you found and lost your another.

you now know my desolation

yet your knife still rests between my shoulder blades

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