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Explore the unique art collections curated by students and staff, illustrating ideas and meanings through a range of mediums

Boolean Soul-Rot

Annie Hallowell

A collection of artworks exploring technology, gender performance, and media consumption



Lani, Josh & Vivienne

An exploration into fear, formative pain and phobia.


An Honest Chat with Lucy

Belle Formica

An interview with Lucy Hotchin, an art therapist, lived experience consultant and textile artist.


Made in Melbourne

Celine Sheeran

A collection of photographs taken around Melbourne, Victoria.

Tiny Sketchbooks

Lara Girgis

A growing collection of small-scale drawings

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Zoe Brewer - _Red Ringo_.png

Artworks by Zoe Brewer

A vibrant collection of gouache portraits  illustrating one of the biggest bands of all time

Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 7.16.45 pm.png


A collection of artworks inspired by colour

'It's A Colourful Life'

Iona Easton, Meg McKenna and Madelena Scott 


P.O.V. Perspective Optics. Vision.

By Alicia Loe, Kate Ren & Carla Sol. 

An interpretation of inner feelings and expressing the ‘soul’ of a chosen landscape. 

The Count

Multiple artists collaborate on a project with a unified theme


Wallsitter (2020) 210 x 297.jpg

Artworks by Brent van Abkoude

An exploration of Brent van Abkoude's artwork and creative process.  

Tram 3.png

Artworks by Annie Hallowell

Digital paintings by Annie Hallowell exploring the intimacy of public transport


ACU Grad Show

Nicholas Tsekouras takes us behind the scenes of the 2020 ACU Grad Show

Military Wings (Front).jpg

Odor Patris Tu

Catherine Bell connects scent and loss

elvis .webp

Art Problems

Elvis Richardson surveys the pitfalls of art

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