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An Exploration

Artwork by Brent van Abkoude

Art is both a means of expression and a means of conveying ideas. I am always aware, however, that the artist is absent. While there is some part of me in everything I make when the piece is being viewed, all power of interpretation is given to the viewer. I work therefore as a code maker creating messages through images that attempt to engage with the viewer. My message may be lost to translation; the viewer can take away what they will. I like to believe that my works allow that sense of mystery and contemplation, and fully embrace that no answer is the right answer. In many ways my process is not unlike the Surrealist: Creating things from my own unconscious thoughts. Allowing ideas to naturally form and dissipate. Trapping those that linger on the canvas. In many ways my work is like the renaissance artists: Leaning on established iconography to convey a political message. Building scene based on traditions of the time. I always start hoping to land somewhere in the middle, to invite the viewer to explore the work and find what they will.


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